Simon Burns MP – the public are ‘zombies’

Today I received an email from 38 Degrees ( informing members that Simon Burns MP, the Minister of State for Health, described members of the public as zombies.

I find any member of parliament who views insulting members of the public engaged in peaceful protests and campaigns against Coalition policies as acceptable as reprehensible.

So I wrote to him to tell him so.

If you would like to do the same, he can be contacted in the following ways:

Address: Simon Burns MP, Minister of State for Health, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA
Telephone: 020 7219 6811

Dear Mr Burns,

_I am writing to express my disgust at your statement that members of
38 Degrees who are campaigning against the Coalition’s plans for the
NHS are zombies. (YouTube clip:

_Members who use 38 Degrees are citizens of the UK who are peacefully
protesting and campaigning against policies that we view as damaging
to to the welfare of the general population. That is our right as
citizens. And it is the responsibility of Members of Parliament to
respond to such communications._

_Your comment was loathsome and unacceptable from any member of
parliament. You insulted the public which elected and employs you
because they disagree with policies you support._

_I, like the tens of thousands of others who have joined in 38 Degrees
campaigns, expect an full and public apology from you immediately._

_If you do not, you should resign your ministerial position and as a
Member of Parliament. No person who holds the public in such obvious
contempt should hold a position in any form public office._

_Copies of this email have also been sent to my own MP, Frank Dobson,
and the Prime Minister. I ask Mr Dobson to ask to you apologise in the
House and for the Prime Minister’s office to instruct you to apologise
or resign._

Yours sincerely,

Richard Cosgrove


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4 responses to “Simon Burns MP – the public are ‘zombies’”

  1. Allan Shand says :

    I thought they got rid of Foot & Mouth in the UK?

  2. Richard Cosgrove says :

    Apparently not. Looking at some Conservative MPs, you'd think inbreeding was still popular in the UK.

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